Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions
    ‘The Hirer’ is the person, firm or corporate or public body hiring or purchasing the equipment. Any person purporting act on behalf of the hirer shall be bound by the terms and conditions of BT Events.

    ‘The Company’ shall mean BT Events Ltd.

    ‘The Equipment’ and ‘Services’ shall mean any goods, components or services provided by BT Events whether wholly owned by BT Events or otherwise, or parts thereof.

    ‘Consequential Loss’ shall mean any loss of profits, contracts or other consequential losses or damages whatsoever.
  2. Contract
    BT Events will submit a written or verbal to the hirer referencing terms and conditions as outlined below, which the hirer shall accept in writing forming a contract between the hirer and BT Events. In the absence of any written quotation or acceptance, the verbal or email communication confirming the booking or acceptance of goods or price received for hire or purchase shall constitute a contract under which the terms and conditions are accepted.
  3. The Hirer
    The hirer shall provide the following details of their firm, corporate or public body at the time of enquiry;
    - Contact name and authority within organisation
    - Contact Address, telephone, mobile number and email address
    - Venue address including any access restrictions at the venue
    - Dates for, and duration of hire
    - Delivery, Return & Collection details

    Where the hirer represents an organisation without any legal status, the hirer shall undertake the procurement of goods and services from the company as a personal arrangement and must provide personal information as required above.
  4. Venue
    The venue shall be defined as any space (interior or exterior) for which the hirer is using for the purposes of an event or entertainment at which the company are providing equipment or services to. The Company’s quotation for hire charges is made on the assumption that the site for the equipment and subsequent event is suitable for its purpose and that;
    - There is firm level ground with easy access for large heavy motor transport
    - Has no drains, pipes, cables or other services buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed
    - The venue is of a suitable capacity for the event, and that suitable risk assessments and event management plans have been created for the event by the hirer, unless the hirer specifically requires the company to provide this service which is subject to additional charges.
    - The Company shall not be under any obligation or liability to ‘make good’ any damage to the site nor shall the company be required under any liability whatsoever in respect of damage to drains, pipes, cables or other services unless a specific venue plan has been provided to the company showing the precise position of these services.
    - The Hirer shall provide a detailed site plan showing the location of services which the company is providing for the duration of their event, or alternatively, shall have a representative on site at all times for that purpose. If the hirer does not have a representative on site, or provide an accurate plan as to the location of services hired from the company, the company may on occasion erect structures and equipment where it believes fit and it shall be deemed to have performed the contract. Additional delivery charges due to absent representatives may be applicable. Deliveries left at unattended premises are left at the hirers risk.
    - The hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the venue has adequate provision of power for any equipment hired, as well as any other agreements which they may have.
    - The hirer shall ensure there are no requirements for electrical equipment to be plugged into sound monitoring equipment, and any monitoring shall be done in isolation from the electrical equipment.
  5. Quotation & Pricing
    The Company reserves the right to vary the quoted hire price of equipment and services in the event of any increase taking place prior to the event in the cost of labour, materials, consumables or transport. Any additional services requested by the client during the hire will be chargeable in addition to any previous quotations.

    Any cancellations made to equipment on confirmed bookings, as per section (6) shall be subject to the cancellation terms as per section (12).

    All quotes are valid for 30 calendar days from the quotation date, and subject to the quoted equipment’s current availability. Where equipment substitutions are required to fulfil the quotation, the hirer may be subject to additional charges which will be explained to the hirer at the time of confirmation.

    The company reserves the right to subcontract all or any part of the hire, and to assign or otherwise allow a subcontractor to deal in anyway whatsoever with its interest in the equipment and agreement between the hirer and the company.
  6. Payment
    The company reserves the right to charge a non-refundable deposit of up to 50% of the total quotation for hirers who haven’t arranged a credit facility with the company. In such instances, the balance is due no less than 7 days prior to the first day of the companies engagement on site with the hirer.

    Where credit facilities exist, a Purchase Order is required from the hirer to secure the booking. In such instances, a deposit of up to 20% of the total quotation may be requested, with the balance due within 7 days of completion of the companies final day on site with the hirer.

    All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of invoice.

    Late payments are subject to a 1% interest charge for each and every day payment remains outstanding.
  7. Loss & Damage
    The hirer is wholly responsible for all equipment on hire from the company from the time of delivery until the time of collection and should arrange sufficient insurance to ensure the equipment is suitably covered for its use and location of storage. The hirer shall be responsible for the safe custody of the companies property on the site, whether owned or sub-contracted to the company. The hirer shall make good to the company all loss or damage to the companies equipment or sub-hired equipment provided by the company, with the exception of fair wear and tear. Losses and damage includes breakages and damages and loss due to theft and burglary, unless it can be proved that such loss was caused by faulty material or equipment supplied by the company, or negligence on the part of the company or its subcontractors.
  8. Liability to third parties
    The company shall not be responsible for, and the hirer shall indemnify the company against all claims for injury to persons or loss of or damage to property however caused unless it is proved that such injury or damaged be caused by faulty material or workmanship or negligence on the part of the company.
  9. Attendance
    Hire charges do not include the attendance of a member of staff on site for the duration of the event unless specifically included.
  10. Permits
    The Hirer is responsible for giving notice to the relevant authorities, or obtaining required permits, authorisations and permissions for the event in good time, and within any legally required framework. Any costs incurred by the company as a result of the hirer failing to ensure the correct permits and authorisations are obtained within good time shall be payable by the client in line with section (4) and (5) above. The company, where requested (where agreed as part of a pre-production fee) will assist in the application of permits and authorisations, however, the hirer must submit the application in the name of the hirer, firm or corporate or public body. The company shall not be held responsible for the late submission of permits or applications and any consequential losses arising.
  11. Force Majeure
    Whilst every effort will be made by the company to carry out any accepted order within the timescales and framework agreed, the full performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation by the company consequent upon act of god, war, strikes, riots, lock-outs or other labour disturbances, fire, flood, restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power, requisitioning, shortage of material or transport or labour or any other cause beyond the control of the company. In such instances, the company isn’t responsible for any consequential losses sustained by the hirer.
  12. Cancellation or premature termination of contract
    In the event of the hirer cancelling the contract after a firm order has been placed, charges will be levied as follows;

    More than 31 calendar days notice – 20% of the total hire charge (which will be taken as a deposit at the time of booking as is non-refundable)

    8 – 30 calendar days notice – 50% of the total hire charge (minus any non-refundable deposits already paid)

    7 Days or less calendar notice – 100% of the total hire charge

    VAT is applicable on the above cancellation charges at the current prevailing rate.

    On some items a variation in the cancellation policy may apply and will be made clear to the hirer in writing at the time of confirmation.
  13. Complaints
    Complaints as to the shortage of, or suitability of equipment provided against the equipment quoted should be made prior to first use. Complaints of this nature received upon completion of the hire period shall not be entertained.
  14. Variation & Amendment to Terms
    The agreement is subject to these conditions which supersede any and all previous communications representations and agreements whether written or verbal and no additions or alterations to these conditions shall be binding on the company unless agreed to in writing and signed by an authorised representative of the company. Any terms and conditions proposed by the hirer shall only apply if the same have been agreed with the company in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph and in the case of conflict between such terms and conditions and these conditions, the onus shall be on the hirer to seek a variation to the terms and conditions of the company.