Production Management

BT Events provide a full production management service, designed to meet the vision of your event, whilst working within budgets and time constraints. Working along side event organisers, our ethos of ‘complete concept creation’ ensures we look after all aspects of your event. From the moment visitors arrive at your event until the moment they leave, our ethos ensures visitors are delivered the sights and sounds of your event in a safe and well managed environment, backed up by a team of technicians, event staff and support services.

BT Events are able to produce and maintain a variety of event documentation which is required to support event applications to Local Authorities, Safety Advisory Groups and Venue Managers. Documentation can include Event Management Plans, Risk Assessments, Crowd Safety Management Plans and Traffic Management Plans alongside infrastructure and personnel management plans.

Infrastructure Management

BT Events work with a wide variety of subcontractors and support organisations to ensure the most appropriate infrastructure is delivered for your event. Working along side industry leading infrastructure suppliers, combined with staffing and technical suppliers, we can ensure the infrastructure arrives on site at the correct location and time, reducing unnecessary crew hours and streamlining the process for the onsite production managers.

By working alongside our preferred suppliers throughout the year, we are able to build up strong working relationships with them allowing us to access a large and varied stock of equipment and infrastructure at short notice when required. This can either be in addition to an existing infrastructure or production management contract or as a stand-alone hire.

Noise Management

BT Events are able to provide a noise management service for indoor and outdoor events in both an urban and rural environment. As part of the pre-production process, BT Events are able to provide noise management plans for submission to local licensing authorities, along with providing consultants to represent event organisers at licensing panels where noise conditions are likely to be applied to the premises.

During the on site phase of the event, BT Events are able to provide acoustic consultants for the duration of the event, incorporating the build and de-rig phases where necessary.

Our approach ensures that audience experience isn’t compromised whilst the integrity of the license is maintained throughout.

A noise and nuisance hotline can be operated by BT Events where required for local residents, whilst a full report of readings, responses and any suggested improvements for future events held at the venue comes as standard with every booking.

Festivals, Galas, Illuminations, Installations

BT Events have a vast array of experience working on festivals, galas and illuminations. The majority of our time during the summer months is spent working on festival sites throughout the East of England. Offering production management and infrastructure support alongside our noise management facilities allows clients to create a bespoke production package.

When not on a festival site, we also have vast experience in providing gala experiences for a variety of clients and budgets, offering infrastructure and management for a small stage at a sports presentation, through to providing full production support for gala awards evenings for up to 300 guests.

BT Events also have a great depth of experience in producing and managing illumination events, from Firework Displays for up to 20,000 people to Christmas Lights switch on events at the end of November and beginning of December, our production ethos ensures each event is unique and tailored to its audience, whilst ensuring the safety and security of members of the public and staff at all times.

Working alongside world renowned artists, BT Events are experienced in the installation of temporary exhibitions within priceless halls adorned with artwork. Engaging with the venue, producer and artist at an early stage ensures a smooth installation, operation and de-rig process being mindful of the sensitivity of the environment in which the installation is taking place.

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